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Testimonials for our organic regenerative remedies imprinted with conscious thought & healing frequencies.

Welcome to our testimonials page. Every once in a while, some of you are kind enough to send us a kind note regarding how our products have changed your life for the better. We appreciate your support and love you all! We are truly at your service, for giving to others is the fundamental energy our universe runs on.

Live your life (& thoughts) in love, joy and gratitude. Then use our products. The results will astound you.

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Above: Machu Picchu, Peru. This is where our mother Lemurian Crystal Record Keeper cluster is from. She was kept by a local crystal collector for many years, waiting for the right buyer. When we informed our guide of our intent to find a lemurian cluster crystal for healing purposes, she said she knew of the right one. It was what she said was an "Under the Bed" Crystal of a local collector. Apparently, the ones on display in the local shoppes are not the ones they truly value. The crystal was the property of a shaman. He said that this crystal was a mother record keeper and a powerful healer. The person it goes to must use her wisely and protect her. She has been named "Ma'atena" and she helps imprint the ultra-fine quartz crystal powder we put into our healing earth. This powder is part of most of our elixirs, cremes and oils.

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One of our Favorite Testimonials:
The following testimonial came as a total surprise and is for our Brown Recluse Spider Bite Treatment. It was our first natural remedy we offered, because the people that need it are in dire circumstances. It takes us a long time to make the
remedy and believe us, it is a small market and we don't make profits from it. We do it because we feel it is
the most effective treatment for brown recluse spider bites out in the market today and it is needed.
Emails such as this is why we do it. It is very humbling and we thank each of you who we serve.