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Testimonial for Ascended Health's
Sufi Bliss Ascension Oil &
Oral Regenerative Elixir

"I smelled it and - it took me to another level...every woman should have this"

October, 2007

Sufi Bliss Ascension Oil & Oral Regenerative Elixir

This is a testimonial from the 2007 Raw Spirit Festival in Sedona AZ. The woman on the left is a physician and the one on the right is a singer/songwriter. They stopped me in the parking lot of the Sedona Radission as I was just leaving the festival, asking me for more of the Ascended Health Sufi Bliss Ascension oil and the Oral Regenerative Elixir (this is an all natural raw toothpaste that you eat - it is a nutritional supplement). During the 3 days of the festival, we completely sold out of these two products. They freely offered to give me a testimonial for this amazing oil and elixir.

Our Sufi Bliss Ascension oil is an oil imprinted with high vibration and ascension energies. It is made from freshly rolled essential oils of Rose, Blue Lotus and Agarwood, amongst other oils. These are not attars, but pure essential oils from Afghanistan.

The oils are then chanted on by Sufi & Kabbalah Masters, using prayers from the Koran and Torah. We then put the oils in a oxygen hyperbaric chamber and pulse Blue Whale and Dolphin sounds (during birthing season) through them using toroidally wrapped lemurian crystal wands and bubbled singlet oxygen.

The oils are then secured in sacred geometry to preserve the frequencies from postal office irradiation and EMF fields near where you may live. The result is an extremely grounding oil that connects you to the earth's internal magnetic resonance, collectively called the Schuman Frequencies. We designed it to relieve headaches, increase , arose you and those around you in a present, yet calming way.

Compton Rom


Sufi Bliss Ascension Oil

Energetic Consciousness of Ecstatic Bliss
15 ml


"When I put this on, the whole room lights up. I must admit, people, both men and women, can't resist coming up to me and asking what that smell is!"

"Thanks so much for the awesome Sufi Bliss, Face product and the Phyto-Velvet. Oh my … the Sufi Bliss is so awesome, I love it! "



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