Ascended Health
Founded by a microbiologist with over 30 years experience researching how indigenous foods and their ecology of microflora help stave off disease, detoxify the body, and increase life span, Ascended Health is a trans-denominational, health education and faith-based organization dedicated to creating a unique range of effective, all-natural organic products specifically designed to help our bodies heal themselves.
Predicated on the belief that Nature/Universal Source has provided us with everything we need for optimal health, vitality and well-being, we specialize in developing effective plant-based extracts into a bio-intelligent format that is eco- harmonic to both the body and spirit through the processing of microbes from longevity zones around the world.
Our products are no different than others offered in the market place, except we put healing vibrations into ours. We are very conscious of the intentions we are holding at every step of the process of mixing our recipes. From inception to mixing to packaging, we put our healing intentions into the product. The vibrations we place into the product is so important, we even put them on our labels. Each product comes with sacred geometry embedded in the label.
What sets us apart from many other natural health and beauty product manufacturers on the market is that all associated with the manufacture of our products share a belief in the following simple foundational philosophies:
Living life free of unnatural substances and practicing health care based on natural laws of the universe as well as connection with traditional indigenous cultures globally. All our products are created from completely natural, wild crafted and organic sources, and all testing is conducted solely on human volunteers including ourselves, our families and our friends.
The importance of holding the highest conscious intention at every step of the manufacturing process From inception to mixing to packaging, we not only place healing intentions into every product we also incorporate them along with sacred geometry in the printing of all product labels.
The value and efficacy of infusing every ingredient with scalar vibrational energies from Lemurian quartz crystals, a combination of healing sounds and frequencies from whales, dolphins, sacred chants, prayers, bhajans and meditation during the aging of each batch - A practice which has resulted in numerous favorable reports from customers.
Most of our products are vegan, with the exception of the following products which contain honey and/or Elk Antler Velvet: Phytovelvet Elixir, Prana Longevity Powder and Life Extension Elixir (just honey, no EAV).

No product produced by Ascended Health is made available to the public until we are absolutely convinced of its efficacy and safety and have witnessed positive results in a variety of people. As with all natural substances, however, it is possible for some people to experience an occasional adverse reaction or sensitivity to an ingredient or combination thereof, for which Ascended health offers an unequivocal apology and money-back guarantee.
If you are not happy with ANYTHING purchased from Ascended Health, we will happily refund the purchase price of any product returned to us within 60 days (less the shipping costs), no questions asked.
While we make no claims regarding our products other than your satisfaction, we do completely believe in them and use them daily. The high-frequency vibrations imbued in each product are designed to support your body's innate inner wisdom, and hence we firmly believe that once you try them, your body's inner guidance system will tell you whether they are an energetic and biological match for you and your health.

Nothing on this website, including the testimonials from satisfied customers, can be construed as a claim to treatment, diagnosis or a cure for any disease. Your results can and will vary, thus we always advise user discretion.