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I Am Beautiful Skin Regeneration Oil

Natural Sun Block and Skin Regeneration

Natural Sun protection at 15,000 feet!

This is an anti-wrinkle oil that works! It does so by helping your body regenerate its own skin quickly.

A few years ago, I met a filmaker named Hans, and he was part of a team filming a documentary of the sacred Ccoyoll Ritty Festival in Peru. It is held around the time of the Winter Solstice to celebrate a Catholic saint or "Apu", the spirit of the mountains, which creates the life-giving glaciers.

He used our version of Natural Sun Block Oil - "I Am Beautiful"l. It contains essential factors that work with the sun and get activated by it. These factors help activate the underlying skin protection and regenerative growth mechanisms our face inherently has, no matter what your age.

The original intent of this festival had origins with the Qero Shamans, an ancient religious sect which pre-date the Incas. The Qeros It celebrated Apu, the god of the mountains. Apu was responsible for the build up of the Glaciers and its life-giving water, which you see in the background. By climbing the Glacier and paying gratitude, people ensure that the next spring will bring about a large water runoff.

This festival is at 15,000 feet and the sun is quite severe. Even sunblock with SPF 30 is not effective. But our Facial Skin Regenerative Oil was very effective for the entire team. This is one person I interviewed - he was the most skeptical and used it only on his nose. I loved it.

We were in Peru harvesting wildcrafted herbs for this oil and our other products. In this case, the herb we use for sun protection is called Samambaia, and it is a wild fern that grows at about 8,000 ft (around the same range as Machu Picchu). The locals suggest that extracts of this fern, mixed with sacred water from Apu, can help protect the face from the sun. This is what they use in the mountains for skin protection - not coppertone!

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Anti-aging Skin care

I Am Beautiful Skin Regeneration Oil
An all natural, anti-aging,
facial skin regeneration oil
15 ml


"This oil is is not oily at all - it soaks right in. I wear it under my makeup and it also makes my face feel so soft and sliky."

"I must admit that my scar tissue has been slowly disappearing.."

"My facial lines are noticeably smoother just after 2 weeks of use. Its not from hydration - my skin is much healthier and pinker..."



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