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Testimonials: Natural Remedy for Gum Disease

"Doctor did mention that my gums appeared to not be as bad...and I had very little bleeding"

testimonial gum disease remedy



"She LOVED it!...Thanks for saving the collective teeth, mouths and gums in my family"

testimonial gum disease remedy


This person had chronic gum bleeding for years. She tried our regular strength elixir for one month and while it lessened the bleeding, it didn't stop it. However, after using our Extra Strength Elixir,


"I wanted to give it a few days...actually after the first use it was its not happening. That is so cool!"

2. Extra Strength Healing Oil
"certainly numbs you out...immediately took away the pain"

3. Face Oil:
" people have been telling me that I look really good"


"This miracle toothpaste sold me for comes with one "side effect": it takes all my cravings for sweets or other foods away.


" .. her dentists was commenting how good her gums were, & they hadn't bled nearly as much as previous visits .."

Keep your gums healthy naturally:

Regular Strength Oralive Toothpaste
2 oz $24.95

Small size for travel & day usage.

This is our highly popular Nutritional Elixir that people have been raving about!
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"This toothpaste is remarkable. It really takes the pain away and stopped my gums from bleeding..."

" I had root canal sugery cancelled because of it..."

order by phone: (310) 683-0333

Regular Strength Oralive Toothpaste (large)
4 oz $39.95

The larger size has a larger energetic vibration than the smaller size.
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Severe Gum Pain :

Super Gum Oil
15 ml. $49.95

This oil is the undiluted oil we put into 10 of our regular bottles. A little dab on cotton swaps to affected area works wonders...


Extra Strength Oralive Toothpaste
2 oz $49.95

This is a very concentrated and powerful elixir with expensive, undiluted essential oils and exotic pain-relieving essences. It has tremendous energy to heal and put the flames of pain out. Please be CAREFUL in its use. It is not intended for normal use but to combat the most acute cases of gum pain and gum infection...


" Not just pain-relieving, but a real healing..Worth checking out for sure"


" Now that I have used it, I will buy again, no matter what the cost..."