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Dental Care
Extra strength Oralive Dental Elixir
Super Gum Oil
Regular strength Oralive Dental Elixir


Energetic Consciousness
I Am Blissful Spray
Lemurian Crystal Ormus
Sufi Bliss Ascension Oil

Skin Regeneration
I Am Beautiful Skin Regeneration Oil
Triple Skin Oil


Skin Infection & Healing

Anti-venom Healing Balm  (Combo pak)
Electrical Neopulser
Triple Skin Oil

Probiotic Superfood
Life Extension Elixir
Marine Phytoplankton (supercharged)
PhytoVelvet No. 1
Euphoraprash Lifeforce Supplement

ProAlive Probiotic  
Active Detox Probiotic


Body Conditions

Body Rejuvenation

Bleeding Gums
Brown Recluse Spider Bite
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Facial Skin Care
Gum Disease
Genital Herpes


Life Extension

Parkinson's Syndrome

Root Canal

Scar Tissue

Skin Burn

Skin Cancer

Skin Regeneration

Skin Infection
Staph Infection

Stretch Mark Repair

Athletic Performance
Diet Support
Energy Drink
Weight Loss
Weight Watchers Diet Support

Skin Regeneration
I am Grateful  

I Am Beautiful

Facial Skin Regenerative Oil
15 ml super concentrate of Oxygenated Oil

Indulge your skin with this deeply nourishing, oxygenated oil which is designed to promote regeneration of the skin. The oils in it are activated with frequencies for regeneration through our resonance process. The Marine Phytoplankton (MP) has growth promoting elements. This oil smells wonderful - earthy with a slight citrus treble note. Jasmine and Rose will come out during the day. Testimonial video: I am Beautiful Oil



Triple Skin Oil
15 ml super concentrated Triple Skin Oil

This oil is super concentrated with dissolved Oxygen, naturally antibiotic essential oils and tissue regeneration factors. Very effective, based on our Brown Recluse Spider Bite Testimonials. Testimonials show it is effective against skin burns, cuts and rashes. Doesn't leave a scar!

Triple Action: designed to alleviate PAIN, stop INFECTION and start SKIN REGENERATION. This is our most powerful oil for skin regeneration in severe cases, such as cuts, burns, acne and plastic surgery.



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