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Q: Can I place an order with you?
A: Are you able to access our site from a computer? If so, orders are processed quicker online.
If not, we can definitely process your order by phone! Just call us at 310.683.0333

Q: Is PayPal the only option to pay with online?
A: PayPal is the secure platform we use to keep your information safe. It may seem like there is only a PayPal option, but just underneath the request to log in with PayPal, there is CHECK OUT button that will take you to “PayPal Guest” checkout, which does not require a PayPal account. Subscriptions to Marine Phytoplankton co-op will require a PayPal account. If you do not wish to use PayPal for subscriptions, please call us to set up a new subscription.

Q: I keep adding products to the cart, but where is my shopping cart?
A: The cart will show up in a separate window as a “pop-up” and if you have pop-ups blocked on your computer, the cart cannot show up. If you must keep this feature blocked, feel free to call us to order by phone instead.

Q: I have a new shipping address that does not reflect on PayPal yet -- how can I correct my shipping address after my order has gone through?
A: Please email us immediately after you place your order with the correct address. You may also call us to make this change.

ORALIVE & SUPER GUM OIL (dental care)

Q: How do I use Oralive for greatest effectivity?
A: Oralive can be used as one would their regular toothpaste. Apply a pea-sized amount to your toothbrush and brush as usual. After brushing, swish around the mouth like a mouthwash for 1-5 minutes (no need to add water as you will produce enough saliva to swish) and either spit it out of swallow it for it to benefit the pathway all the way to the gut. After spitting or swallowing, do not rinse your mouth to allow the paste residue to soak into your teeth and gums.

Q: What is the difference between Regular Strength Oralive and Extra Strenght Oralive? How do I choose the right one for me?
A: Both formulas have the same basic foundation; extra strength comes with 10x the potency of all the active ingredients. If you are generally balanced in the mouth with no specific concerns in the teeth and gums, regular strength will be just fine. If you have an imbalance in the mouth that you wish to manage, or are prone to dental issues, extra strength is best. Once you are back in balance, you may opt to switch back to regular strength so that your body can respond to the potency of extra strength if/when needed. Many people will alternate between the two strengths – regular strength in the morning and extra strength at night, for example.

For additional oral support, consider Super Gum Oil.

Q: My dentist says I need a root canal/cavity. Which products can help me avoid this?
A: In general, our products work best in the earlier phases of a concern, such as prevention. Oralive is used by many people to help manage symptoms that lead to a root canal as the paste can help oral cavity bring itself back into balance. As we continue eating what we eat, problems can come back. In our opinion, with consistent use, it can maintain balanced conditions in the mouth.

One protocol that can help with prevention of a root canal and the bacterial imbalances that precede and follow it is as follows using Super Gum Oil, Oralive, and ProAlive Probiotic:

Step 1- Super Gum Oil: place 2-4 drops in the mouth, swish with saliva for 3-5 minutes minimum. Spit it out really well into a napkin or trash bin – do not swallow.
Step 2- Oralive “burrito” packing: cut out a square-sized gauze pad (to the length of the area that needs support), spread the Oralive paste on, roll it up, and tuck it into the gum near the tooth that is in pain or sensitive. Leave it on as long as possible -- up to an hour if you can. Repeat this daily up to two times a day.
Step 3- The liquid ProAlive probiotic can be applied directly on the tooth. Keep 2-3 drops on the tooth for up to 3minutes and swallow. 
Do not rinse mouth with water or mouthwash after ProAlive and Oralive. 

Results vary with each person, in part depending on how long the infection has been going on.
Q: My teeth seem darker after using Oralive. Is this staining permanent?
A: Very occasionally, we hear from people who have darkened teeth after using Oralive for the first time. This is not permanent. We believe that this is due to the type of natural biofilm/enamel one has on the teeth that can become more porous due to eating habits, i.e., acidic coffee, lemon, etc. and whitening procedures. Over time, Oralive can potentially help this biofilm shift into a morphology that will not take on the stain. With most people, the Oralive actually whitens the teeth. Consistent usage of the Super Gum Oil (a few drops swished inside the mouth or even brushing with Super Gum Oil) can also help with stains as it contains oxygenated oils.

Q: If there is no fluoride in Oralive, how can I be certain my mouth is getting cleaned?
A: Oralive contains chelators from natural zeolites, bentonites and activated charcoal in the toothpaste that are designed to pull out toxins. The slight coarseness of the mixture helps scrub and polish the teeth.

The Oralive product not only keeps the mouth clean, but it also provides extra mineralization to harden the teeth because the natural clay has been fermented and broken down by friendly microbes.  The result is nano-sized calcium and silica from the fermentation by products. To our knowledge, no other toothpaste has this ingredient.

Q: I have a crowned tooth that was root canaled years ago, and of course has gone bad with pain now.  since my tooth has a crown, will your products work for that tooth?  I do not know how it can work through an artificial crown, that is probably non porous.
A: In our experience and opinion, Oralive and super gum oil work well with a crowned tooth. The oil and paste will be absorbed into the gums from the sides of the tooth on down. This is the route the bad bacteria entered the crowned tooth in the first place.

Q: What is the benefit of Super Gum Oil over Oralive?
A: In our experience and opinion, Oralive and Super Gum Oil work well together. The Super Gum Oil is designed to reduce the pain and the infection. Those who experience bleeding, cuts, sensitivity, or recession in the gums can benefit greatly from Super Gum Oil.

Q: The content of my jar of Oralive loses moisture and it is not as creamy. Does this mean it has lost its potency?
A: Over time, the paste can dry out, but it will not lose its potency. You may add distilled water or food-grade aloe vera to rehydrate the paste.


PROBIOTICS (intestinal support)

Q: The probiotics I ordered have been sitting in a hot mailbox and I am wondering if the heat will affect the efficacy of the product?
A: Our products are not harmed in the heat at all. In fact, the probiotics are raised in the heat and may become even better and more potent with the heat. Once you have opened the bottles, you may store them in the refrigerator.


Q: What is the shelf life for the Probiotics? Do I need to refrigerate them?
A: Once opened, you may refrigerate the Probiotic bottles and they will have a shelf life of one year minimum. If they are not refrigerated, the probiotics will by good for about 3 months. It is okay to travel with them without refrigeration for short periods of time. Please note that the probiotics will increase their potency over time – at a slower rate when refrigerated.

Q: Do I take the Probiotics before food, after food?  What about taking them with other supplements?
A: You can take ProAlive any time during the day before food, after food, or with food -- whichever you prefer. Personally, I wait around 30 minutes in between supplements to allow each one to properly soak into the gut/cells.

Q: What is unique about your Probiotics compared to most others on the market?
A: Ascended Health probiotics contain a variety of soil-based live microbes in liquid form. They are ready to get to work right away without any need for your bodily fluids to activate them, like many encapsulated and freeze-dried probiotic formulas on the market. Many people report that our probiotics are more potent and very effective with helping the body rebalance itself, which leads to greater management of symptoms related to viral infections and toxins.

Q: How long will each bottle last me? For how long should I take them?
A: The probiotics comes in two sizes: 15ml (2-4 weeks) and 30ml (4-8 weeks) – they will last different periods of time depending on how often one needs/uses them. You will only need to take these probiotics on a consistent basis for about 6 months; then you can stop for 2-4 months since your body will already have them in the gut and/or continue with a lesser maintenance dosage.

Many people use the Active Detox Probiotic intermittently and as needed, depending on how much you need to detoxify the liver and kidneys. We recommend using the Active Detox for 2-3 months at a time, but if 2 weeks at a time is what your body prefers, you can always restart the detox whenever it feels right for you.

In our opinion, it is helpful for the body to “reset” itself by skipping the probiotics for 2 consecutive days throughout the week (5 days on, 2 days off.)


Q: How many drops of the Probiotics can I take?
A: ProAlive: start with 1-5 drops daily - any time of the day; increase up to 8 drops daily after 3-4 weeks if you wish or keep dosage to 5 drops daily. The key is consistency with probiotics so that the body can have constant exposure to the new microbes in order to identify with them.

Active Detox: 1-3 drops in the evenings before bed. Increase gradually to 5-8 drops after 3-4 weeks.

You may feel flu-like symptoms at first, but this is normal. Starting out slowly can help prevent this discomfort. The symptoms are your body’s way of mounting an immune response and getting tuned up. Feel free to adjust dosage based on your body's needs.

Q: Can I take both of your probiotics at the same time? What is the difference between the two?
A: Yes, they are both fantastic and designed to work together in a synergistic fashion. Our microbes are "trained" to excel at certain functions, depending on the species of microbes in the product. The ProAlive Probiotic has microbes trained to help your body mount a healthy immune response to viruses and other bacteria. ProAlive is adding to the gut flora to help diversify the microbe makeup; Acitve Detox has strains with minerals and chelators to break down toxins in the liver and kidneys and gallbladder (toxins that develop from polluted airs, foods, antibiotics, flu shots, etc.) Specifically, it contains fermented humic fulvic acids from shilajit to bind to heavy metals in your body. It is also great for counteracting candida and fungal infestations.

Q: I received a new bottle of the Active Detox Probiotic and it doesn't taste like the other bottles I've had. It's much darker and doesn't taste as sour. Is this normal?
A: The Active Detox you received is from a newer batch. If you would like it more fermented, you may leave the bottle outside the fridge for 2-3 weeks. All the beneficial microbes are still present when it's a new batch.
Q: Is it common to experience flu-like symptoms after starting your Probiotics?
A: Yes, this is common and shouldn’t last more than 24hours. To prevent this discomfort, one can start with a small dosage – 1-2 drops for the first week and gradually increase week by week.

This is actually an effect that we believe is beneficial for helping the body's long-term ability to manage disease. It is called a detox effect, which results from one species of bacteria (our probiotics) coming into your body to clean house and shake things up with the long-standing species of natural bacteria that are in your body. The resulting changes cause your body to mount an immune response - resulting in flu-like symptoms. When the new set of microbes (ProAlive and Active Detox) start to seed and settle in, the flu-like symptoms go away, usually within 1-2 weeks. Your body will now have a very healthy set of microbes trained to help your other microbes with a variety of imbalances. There is nothing to counteract these effects, because it is a desired effect. The people that don't get the flu like symptoms either have our species of microbes already in their body or they are too compromised health-wise to mount an effective immune response.


Q: What is the difference between Triple Skin Oil and I Am Beautiful Oil?
A: Triple Skin Oil is used to help with skin abrasions, such as cuts, burns and rashes. It can also help minimize the development of a scar when used in the earlier phases of an abrasion. Triple Skin Oil is oxygenated and should be used on specific spots rather than overall application.

I Am Beautiful Oil is used for overall application of the face and neck and hands. It is used as a moisturizer, helping to keep the finer lines on the face softened. Many people also use this oil as a sun protectant, though this effect can vary with each person. People have reported rejuvenation in the face after consistent use of this oil.



Q: Is the energy booster in LEE similar to caffeine in coffee?
A: The energy  boost from LEE is due to adaptogenic herbs and cacao.
Q: Can you tell me how to take these elixirs?
A: Start with 1/4 teaspoon a day, increasing dosage up to 3x 1/4 or 1/2 teaspoons per day, if you wish. These do not have to be taken daily.


Q: I saw an interview where Compton mentioned some products that I don’t see on your website.
A: We can send you a list of these products with some information if you can send us a request by email or phone.

Q: Do you offer wholesale discounts?
A: At this time, we do not offer wholesale options. You may email us your request in case this changes in the future. Please email us your company name and contact information, along with your website or brochure. Please tell us the products you are interested in, and how long you have been consuming those products yourself.

Q: Is Compton working on any new products for us to try?
A: Compton is consistently working on new formulations and we are happy to share more if you’d like to be placed on a newsletter list. Simply send us a request for this by email:




















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