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Effects of imprinted Vibrational Healing Energy: Before and after energy micrographs of our elixir. The halo, or aura, visible on the right, illustrates the high vibration of energy that is being emitted by the product as a result of the scalar energy and vibrational crystal resonance.

High Vibration Nutrigenomic* Remedies using Scalar Energy

Your choices of action may be limited, but your choices of thought are not. Find something to feel good about and get out of the way, and allow the cells to receive what they've been asking for. That is the key to healing.
- Abraham Hicks

A Natural, Holistic Approach to Well-being

Our central concept here at Ascended Health is to combine science, consciousness, and nature as a blueprint for healing.

Our focus is on the maintenance of the entire body's microbiological eco-terrain As extensive research has now confirmed, every square inch of our body plays host to its own microbial community, with which we have a symbiotic relationship that is critical to our health and well-being. In addition to being as much a part of our immune system as our immune cells; our body's microflora plays an essential role in digesting our food, making vitamins, and shielding us from harmful bacteria that cause disease.

That's why it is essential, especially in the case of our oral cavity, that we avoid killing the normal, healthy bacteria that originally occupied that space. We believe, for example, that using antiseptic mouthwashes which kill off bacteria chemicals is one of the worst things you can do for oral health as it leaves your mouth under constant stress to replace the good bacteria that has been wiped out. Oftentimes, it simply cannot be replaced. Root canals or any other procedure that changes the structural integrity of the mouth can also open up new spaces for bad bacteria to invade and fester.

The 5 Principles and Approaches that Underpin Our Manufacturing Philosophies & Practice

1. Our bodies respond best to God-given, natural compounds that have evolved alongside us for millennia

Naturally-derived compounds and sustainably harvested herbs are much more effective than synthetic compounds. Yet modern medicine fails to utilize these for two commercially-driven reasons: a) they cannot be patented, and b) synthetics can be sold at a much high profit. However, synthetic compounds are singular in nature, while whole earth compounds carry numerous micronutrients and co-factors necessary for growth, many of which scientists have yet to discover.

At Ascended Health, we are dedicated to producing products that are natural as possible, which is why we only use natural, sustainably harvested herbs, oils, and magnetic healing compounds and earth clays to eliminate pathogenic bacteria.

2. We do not use any chemical or pharmaceutical compounds that are poisonous to your body or its good bacteria

We oxygenate our oils in a hyperbaric chamber with not just ozone (O3) and oxygen (O2), but with ten kinds of oxygen, from O1 to O10. There are many synthetic forms of oxygen-based biocides (google "Chlorine Dioxide") and, yes, these chemicals are used in regular dentistry. However, while these biocides do emit oxygen, they also give off chlorine, fluoride, and other poisons. With this in mind, we do not use fluoride or soap in any of our products as these are poisonous, not just to pathogenic bacteria, but also to our bodies and the good bacteria it needs to thrive.

3. We design products to reset your body's bio terrain

We do this by using actual terra firma - natural high-energy mineral earths from Mt. Shasta, Sedona, Wyoming and Vanuatu. In addition to containing primordial archebacteria and trace minerals that set the stage for seeding our oral cavities with the correct bacteria to inhabit our niche spaces, they also possess natural chelators and activated carbon which have the magnetic effect of binding heavy metals and poisons. The earths that we use are the blueprints from which the good bacteria can grow, and thereby bring your natural eco-terrain back into balance.

4. Nutrigenomics, longevity, regeneration and the power of thought and vibration

While science has proven, through the study of Nutrigenomics, or Nutrigenetics, that we do in fact control how we heal and repair our DNA through what we choose to eat and place in our bodies, nutrigenomics overlooks two important things: the concepts of intention and free will. Contrary to what modern medicine may want us to believe, our DNA is not set in stone - as the science of epigenetics is proving, we can in fact activate and deactivate genes purely with our thoughts. Changing our thoughts, emotions and our environment changes our vibrations, and when we change our vibrations our DNA cannot help but follow. When our vibrations are positive, we heal. When they are negative, we get diseases such as cancer. Your body is just following whatever the vibrations in the cell's environment are directing your DNA to do. When your body is not at ease with the vibrations you are attuned with, you are in "dis-ease."

We just need to be connected to the consciousness that brought us into this earthly realm in the first place. The key is in the vibrations of everything we think, eat and place on or in our bodies.

5. We regard every product as a "Messenger of Light" infused with conscious intentions and high vibrational scalar energy

At Ascended Health, we view all our products as messengers of light. By focusing on their resonant vibrational frequency, we strive to give our remedies a life of their own?a consciousness that carries the intention of bringing your body back into balance.

Rather than simply provide you with amazing ingredients in pretty packaging, we purposefully infuse our products with subtle vibrational frequencies (e.g. light energy) to elevate their status to that of elixirs of vibrational energy that magnetize to specific parts of your body and resonate them to a state of rejuvenation and regeneration.

To us, natural remedy formulation is about more than just the ingredients; it's also about the vibrations that are infused into our elixirs and remedies at every stage - from the way the ingredients are grown (organic, wild-crafted, ethical, etc.,) right through to the mixing, blending and packaging. Hence, our products are not mass-produced, but rather are hand-prepared, batch-by-small-batch, in artisanal fashion in our state-regulated manufacturing facility, which has been purposefully designed according Golden Mean ratios to produce the proper harmonics during the blending process.

All our products are imprinted with Lemurian quartz crystal powder embedded with strong scalar energy vibrations. The healing frequencies transmitted through the crystals come from whales and dolphins, which studies have shown contain healing vibrations. We use our own personally recorded sounds of Blue Whales giving birth off the coast of Chile (Patagonia) and Hawaii. We also use recordings of fresh water nurse dolphins from the Amazon that help sick humans return to health. We wrap our Lemurian crystal resonators with toroidal coil at the full moon, and during the solstices to ping our waters, oils and earths with these healing frequencies. To ensure the optimum level of vibrational resonance, our aging room is a low EMF environment lined with Brazilian black tourmaline tile.

Finally, we imprint all our products and even our labels with conscious "Emoto" vibrations (Google "Dr. Emoto Messages from Water"). Thus, we view all our products as "messengers of light" - a vibrational energy that you can hold in your hand and help your body resonate in the same healthy manner as it did in childhood when each scratch or scrape would heal, because you took it for granted that your body had the ability magically to repair itself on demand.

*Nutrigenomics is a field of study that analyzes the interaction between, and the effect of nutrition on, genes with the purpose of finding reliable ways to prevent disease. At Ascended Health, we take a slightly different approach in that we are choosing to focus on promoting longevity and the healthy regeneration of your body. To use a sporting analogy, we are looking to build the offensive side of the team as opposed to focusing solely on the defensive side.

There are many nutritional metabolic byproducts that are important to human health, such as antioxidants, flavonoids, and curcumonoids, which are a fermented byproduct of turmeric. Many companies choose to focus on curcumins because of their ability to lower inflammation during a disease process, but curcumin on its own is not as effective at promoting longevity factors as when it is combined with metabolites such as flavonoids and antioxidants, which have been shown to lower body inflammation more efficiently, as well as increase the body's antioxidant levels and immunity status. In short, in placing our focus on the positive (i.e., longevity) rather than on the negative (illness), we are utilizing the body's natural biological intelligence to heal itself.






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