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Dental Care
Extra strength Oralive Dental Elixir
Super Gum Oil
Regular strength Oralive Dental Elixir


Energetic Consciousness
I Am Blissful Spray
Lemurian Crystal Ormus
Sufi Bliss Ascension Oil

Skin Regeneration
I Am Beautiful Skin Regeneration Oil
Triple Skin Oil


Skin Infection & Healing

Anti-venom Healing Balm  (Combo pak)
Electrical Neopulser
Triple Skin Oil

Probiotic Superfood
Life Extension Elixir
Marine Phytoplankton (supercharged)
PhytoVelvet No. 1
Euphoraprash Lifeforce Supplement

ProAlive Probiotic  
Active Detox Probiotic


Body Conditions

Body Rejuvenation

Bleeding Gums
Brown Recluse Spider Bite
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Facial Skin Care
Gum Disease
Genital Herpes


Life Extension

Parkinson's Syndrome

Root Canal

Scar Tissue

Skin Burn

Skin Cancer

Skin Regeneration

Skin Infection
Staph Infection

Stretch Mark Repair

Athletic Performance
Diet Support
Energy Drink
Weight Loss
Weight Watchers Diet Support

Skin Infections
I am Grateful  

Anti-Venom Healing Balm
Brown Recluse Spider Bite Treatment
50 ml Jar

Very effective, based on our Brown Recluse Spider Bite Testimonials. This healing balm is super-charged with our resonant scalar energy.



Triple Skin Oil
15 ml super concentrated oil that helps skin 3 ways

This oil is super concentrated with dissolved Oxygen, naturally antibiotic essential oils and tissue regeneration factors. Very effective, based on our Brown Recluse Spider Bite Testimonials. Testimonials show it is effective for acne, skin burns, cuts, rashes. Recommended for Post Plastic Surgery.

Triple Action: designed to alleviate PAIN, stop INFECTION and start SKIN REGENERATION.

Ingredients: Proprietary blen of wild-crafted essential oils of calendua, arnica, need, rose otto, melissa, clove, orgegano, oud, blue lotus, frankinsense, vitamin E, polynesian tree nut oils, olive oil. Polyatomic forms of oxygen using Tesla technology. Infused resonant frequencies of Shumann Earth (7.83 hz) and Universal Rife (728 hz)


Combo Brown Recluse Spider Bite Treatment
Healing Balm + Triple Skin Oil

SAVE $10 by ordering both. 50 ml Jar + 15 ml Bottle = $74.90 $64.90



MRSA Neo Pulser
Neopulser Unit + MRSA Staph Treatment

Electrical Neo Pulser specifically programmed against multiple Staph Frequencies. It sends micro-pulses of "neo" electrical energy throughout your body through 2 cooper pennies on the surface. What do we mean by "neo"? Well, this is a new kind of energy, one that is a combination of traditional electrical pulses from a 9V battery but filtered through a built-in orgone generator, powerful rare earth magnet and special healing crystals (amythyst, others) embedded in the device. The result is a small pulse you can barely feel. Most people like the pulse - our testimonials come back that it gives people energy throughout the day.This is a unit that we purchase from a manufacturer and modify with a sophisticated Integrated Computer chip that is pulsing with harmonic healing frequencies. It is the type of chips and number of resonant harmonic frequency patterns programmed into the device that determines the cost



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