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Liquid Probiotic Drops

Ascended Health's Probiotic Drops are energy boosting natural food supplements containing breakthrough live probiotic microbes.

Help your body:

- Recover from chronic fatigue and low libido
- Lose weight and remain youthful
- Lift depression
- Support liver and kidney detoxification

I am Loved

Super-charged with scalar and healing vibrations!

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Active Detox Probiotic
Designed to quickly detoxify your liver and kidney of heavy metals and other toxins, this is a powerful two week cleanse. Read more >>

ProAlive Probiotic
Our powerful, multi-functional probiotic. So powerful you only need a few drops each day. Read more >>

Active Detox Probiotic

Buy Active Detox separately >>

A breakthrough product formulated with special live microbes, chelators, and over 60 trace minerals to actively detoxify your liver and kidney and to help rid the body of parasites. Our customers also report other significant health benefits.

Microbes are used to clean up toxins in our external environment, such as oil spills, so why can't they do the same for our internal environment? Well, they can. Combined with Humates and chelators, this formula is designed fight against parasites and toxins in your liver and kidney.

Scientific studies have shown that humates impair the attachment of the HIV-1 virus, herpes simplex, and the flu. Humates can increase polysaccharide sugars in our body that bind to killer t cells (immune killer cells) and facilitate communication between the killer t cells and other cells in our body. Our immune system reaps the benefits of humic acid.

liver detox

Our microbe of choice is L. plantarum, a powerful probiotic for fighting off parasites and toxins. Combined with humates and chelators (which trap the toxins), these microbes break and dissolve toxins in the body.

Helps the body actively detox. Let the microbes do the work!

- Detoxification of pesticides and heavy metals
- Active liver detoxification
- Active kidney detoxification
- Anti-fatigue-improve energy within one week!

“Not all bacteria are bad. In fact, beneficial microbes could represent the future of medicine, with the potential to treat a variety of diseases in humans and animals from diarrhea and eczema to gum disease and autoimmune disorders”
- American Academy of Microbiology, Probiotic Microbes: The Scientific Basis.

Structured water, L. plantarum, multiple strains of other beneficial bacteria specific in actively detoxifying the liver and kidney. Humic and fulvic acids, chelators to bind, dissolve and transport toxins broken down by microbes. Trace sea minerals.

Take 1 - 2 drops before bed time. You may gradually increase drops as your body acclimates. Experiencing flu-like response is common. Refrigeration recommended if you wish to extend the shelf life of the probiotics for longer than 3 months.

Great for pets! Add 1-2 drops to water dish.

ProAlive Probiotic

Buy ProAlive Probiotic separately >>

An incredible live probiotic for whole body support - our liquid probiotics are the 21st century's answer to the problems associated with the overuse of antibiotics in the 20th century!

This is a totally new, unique friendly flora probiotic. Our product is the direct result of years of research and could well be one of the most beneficial biological products in support of the body's homeostasis ever discovered.

Ascended Health's ProAlive Probiotic is all vegan, all natural, and contains beneficial flora along with a high concentration of various byproducts of these friendly bacteria, such as "B" vitamins, enzymes, natural fighters against bad bacteria (bacteriocins), other yeast and fungal inhibitors, and other substances necessary for homeostasis.

One of our main flora (paracasei) is a healthy cleanse flora that works as an antifungal while flushing out toxins in the liver and digestive tract. Research indicates that the curvatus lactic acid microbe has the ability to produce antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and antimold agents that inhibit harmful organisms from flourishing in your system.


How safe is this?
There are no known side affects from ProAlive Probiotic, aside from the possible initial "cleansing reactions" (headache, sluggishness, sick feeling). ProAlive Probiotic is a natural food substance.
NOTE: The effectiveness of ProAlive Probiotic depends upon your particular health condition. Although very effective, if your condition is chronic (long standing) it may take a longer period of time and higher applications to bring optimum results.

Structured water, L. paracasei, L. curvatus, L. acidophilus and multiple strains of other beneficial microflora. Natural magnetic healing earth, high vibrational frequencies.

Take 1 – 5 drops per day in water, or directly in the mouth. Swish first. Refrigeration recommended if you wish to extend the shelf life of the probiotics for longer than 3 months.



probiotic set

Live Probiotic Set (small)
15 ml dropper bottles of Active Detox and ProAlive Probiotic Drops



probiotic set

Live Probiotic Set (regular)
30 ml dropper bottles of Active Detox and ProAlive Probiotic Drops



1oz ProAlive is out of stock.
For every 1oz bottle of ProAlive ordered, we will ship two bottles of 15ml ProAlive at no additional charge. 1oz bottles of ProAlive are expected to be ready by January 15th.

"After a few days, the Active Detox gave me a marked increase in energy - after I went through a few flu-like symptoms from detoxification. I can really feel the difference..."

"I have been on diet after diet to no avail. With this supplement, my cravings have decreased but my energy has not! I feel like I don't need the emotional need to eat as much, because I feel better."


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