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Dental Care
Extra Strength Oralive Toothpaste
Regular Strength Oralive Toothpaste
Super Gum Oil
Unsweetened Regular Oralive


Energetic Consciousness
I Am Blissful Spray
Lemurian Crystal Ormus
Sufi Bliss Ascension Oil

Skin Regeneration
I Am Beautiful Skin Regeneration Oil
Triple Skin Oil
Dermalive Topical Probiotic

Skin Infection & Healing

Anti-Venom Balm  (Combo Pack)
Electrical Neopulser
Triple Skin Oil

Probiotic Superfood
Euphoraprash Lifeforce Supplement
Life Extension Elixir
Marine Phytoplankton (supercharged)
PhytoVelvet Elixir

Liquid Probiotics

Active Detox Probiotic
ProAlive Probiotic

Combo Pack


Prana Longevity Powder


Body Conditions


Athletic Performance
Body Rejuvenation
Bleeding Gums

Brown Recluse Spider Bite
Chronic Fatigue
Energy Drink

Food Poisoning
Gum Health
Genital Herpes


Root Canal

Scar Tissue

Skin Care
Skin Infection
Skin Regeneration
Staph Infection

Stretch Marks

Liquid Probiotics
I am Grateful  

Active Detox Probiotic

Active Detox Probiotic is formulated with special live microbes, chelators, and over 60 trace minerals to assist in liver and kidney detoxification. Just as microbes are used to clean up toxins in our external environment, they can also be used to clean up our internal bioterrain. Active Detox is designed to mobilize toxins in deeper tissues.

Excellent formula for Dogs and Cats


15 ml (lasts 2 weeks)


30 ml(lasts 1 month)


ProAlive Probiotic

Proalive Probiotic

This is a totally new, unique friendly flora probiotic. This product is the direct result of years of research. We think it could be one of the most beneficial biological products in support for the body's well-being.

Living ProAlive Probiotic is all vegan. It contains beneficial flora, along with a high concentration of various byproducts of these friendly bacteria, such as "B" vitamins, enzymes, natural fighters against the pathogenic bacterias (bacteriocins) and other yeast and fungal inhibitors and other substances necessary for homeostasis. ProAlive is an excellent choice for boosting the immune system.

Safe for Children and Pets.


15 ml(lasts 2 weeks)


30 ml(lasts 1 month)

ProAlive Probiotic

Combo Pack: Active Detox & ProAlive Probiotic

We believe in using these remarkable probiotics together. ProAlive in the morning, and Active Detox before bedtime. Like the Yin and the Yang, they work synergistically with each other.


15 ml(lasts 2 weeks)

Special Offer: $70 value for $49



30 ml (lasts 1 month)

Special Offer: $100 value for $70








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