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Extra Strength Oralive

The Extra Strength elixir has a full on, undiluted power with an incredible vibrational energy you can feel. Packed with essential oils and Amazon herbs, we designed this with the intention of helping the body:

- Quell severe gum and tooth pain
- Stop gum bleeding
- Inhibit infections in the mouth

Order Here: 2 oz. Extra Strength Oralive | 5 Oz. Extra Strength Oralive


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"Second Thoughts about Flouride"

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Notice: Our products are hand made in small batches. Due to high demand, delays of 2-3 days may be experienced in shipping. Most packages are shipped within 2 business days of an order. We do our best to accommodate all orders as quickly as possible.


Help your body tackle gum disease

This regenerative energy elixir contains twice the concentration of oils and botanical extracts as our regular version, adding a more immediate punch. In addition, we add ingredients that we believe may help regenerate gum tissue and alleviate pain and bleeding, such as elk antler velvet, bala root, iporuru, sangre de grado, and kava kava.

You will not find this powerful combination of healing herbs and crystal energies anywhere else in the world. It is truly unique and quite energetically effective.


In addition to the benefits of our regular Oralive elixir, we believe that this extra strength version has many more:

1. Severe Gum Pain
If you have severe, unrelenting gum and teeth pain due to infection, this elixir is designed to help you. The essential oils in our elixir have been infused with concentrated oxygen designed to kill pain-causing anaerobic bacteria. As noted before, these anti-microbial essential oils have been proven scientifically to kill microbes in clinical studies (e.g. Oregano Oil, Neem, Tea Tree). This formulation has double the amount of the regular strength Oralive.

In addition, we have added extracts of herbs from indigenous cultures around the world known for their analgesic powers, including herbs such as bala root, iporuru, and kava kava, all well known for their ability to help stop pain.

We have designed the extra strength remedy to help your body alleviate pain within 24 hours.

2. Gum Bleeding
Sangre de Grado, or "Dragon's Blood", is a resin made from the sap of an Amazon plant well-known for its curative powers, especially its ability to heal wounds and stop bleeding. In this formulation, we energetically enhance our resin with crystal lemurian quartz. The result is astounding.

3. Gum and Bone Regeneration
Did you know that all deer, caribou, and elk grow huge antlers from their head every year? Around the fall, their antlers fall off and in the next spring, new ones begin to grow. Scientists have determined that the soft skin, or velvet, covering the growing antler contain the powerful factors and blood vessels necessary for its development. In Chinese medicine, this powdered extract is revered for its use in alleviating arthritis and healing broken bones. We believe that this expensive exotic ingredient can help your body with the regeneration of gum tissue.

4. Overall Body Healing and Regeneration
Taking this elixir and swallowing it is the equivalent of taking many herbal and nutritional supplements sold in health food stores for general body detoxification, healing, and bone regeneration. We combine many products into one delicious elixir. This is similar to taking a multi-vitamin, except we use organic botanical extracts harvested naturally.

Here is a sample picture of what the paste looks like:

The mixture of natural high energy mineral earths, activated herbal extracts, oxygen, and marine phytoplankton give the elixir a healthy, charcoal earth tone. It is sweet and minty-quite delicious.


Place a small dab on your tongue and swish around for about one minute. It is important to let the nutrients soak in before swallowing or rinsing. This allows the botanical extracts and essential healing oils to exert maximum effect. At night, we would recommend that you brush with the elixir before you go to bed - but this time do not rinse. In fact, we recommend you swallow this raw nutritional supplement! It is filled with natural substances believed to detoxify blood and promote healthy circulation (e.g. CoQ10, Pau D'Arco).

You can also carry it around during the day and use it instead of gum or mouthwash! It freshens and cleans your mouth like no other supplement, and contains some of the most exotic and expensive essential oils - Rose Absolute (Bulgaria), Rose Otto (Turkey), Jasmine and Spikenard. These oils are extremely vibrationally potent and anti-microbial. We have taken this combination to a new vibrational level that sets the standard in modern natural gum care.

With these additional ingredients, you may experience a slight energetic boost due to high vibrational energies infused into the product.


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Volcanic Earth Minerals, Vitamin C, Camu Camu, Amla, Calcium, Xylitol, Nettle, Folic Acid, CoQ 10, Marine Phytoplankton, Astaxanthin, Blue Green Algae, Pau D’Arco, Aloe Vera, Noni, Peppermint, Melissa, Arnica, Licorice, Mint, Turmeric, Holy Basil, Ginger, Iporuru, Kava Kava, Bala Root and Sangre De Grado. Essential Oils of Neroli, Jasmine, Spikenard and Rose.



Disclaimer & Guarantee of Satisfaction
This product is completely natural and has not been evaluated by the FDA, we make no claims for preventing or treating disease.

Our main focus at Ascended Health is to provide high quality products that will bring more balance into your life. We truly believe in this product and back it 100%. If you feel that this product does not meet your expectations in any way, please return any unused portion within 60 days of purchase for a full refund (Less shipping fees).

Furthermore, if you use this product and feel that you need to tell people about it, please email us. With your permission, we will happily share your story.

Remember: A thought is nothing more than a piece of mental energy that has been scientifically measured. These thoughts can be transmuted to emotion, which are then transmuted into feeling. If your thoughts, emotions, and feelings are completely in alignment, you will re-create your reality.

We live in a multidimensional universe. Everything is energy. Energy is unlimited. If you are aligned with this truth, the world is experienced as completely abundant and there is no such thing as scarcity.



Disclaimer: This product is completely natural and has not been evaluated by the FDA, so we make no claims for preventing or treating disease. While your results can and will vary, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you don't like it, send it back! We love this stuff and can't do without it. Please read below.

Extra strength Oralive
2 oz

Even if you don't have tooth and gum discomfort, you may want to keep a jar of this around, just for the incredible energy lift it gives you. This is a very concentrated and exotic elixir with expensive essential oils, powerful pain-relieving essences and Amazon botanicals.



Extra strength Oralive
5 oz

Same as above but larger - this is a very concentrated and powerful elixir with expensive essential oils and exotic pain-relieving essences. In addition, this formula contains specific herbs from the Amazon that help with gum bleeding.





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