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Super Gum Oil
for Gum Pain

This powerful concoction is a highly oxygenated blend of antimicrobial and pain-relieving essential oils that can help deaden the pain you feel with your gums. As a concentrate, you only need a little bit to:

- Dramatically alleviate gum pain within 24 hrs
- Inhibit the bacteria causing the infection
- Whiten teeth

Order Here: 15ml Super Gum Oil


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Notice - our products are made to order and fresh. Due to high demand, we sometimes experience delays in shipping of anywhere from 3 - 7 days. Most orders are shipped within 3 days of order. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we will try and accomodate all orders as quickly as possible.


Concentrated Oil for severe, unrelenting gum and teeth pain

When we make our Raw Oral Care Elixir, we combine the following things: Earth, Water, Oils and Love. This is the pure undiluted oil concentrate we put into our Extra Strength elixir for Gum Pain, straight from the resonation chambers. This oil is fully saturated with oxygen, hyper-activated anti-microbial essential oils, analgesic oil extracts and vibrational energies that promote healing.

This is quite powerful and packs a wallop, so start with just a little dab using a saturated Q-Tip to the affected area. Too much will not help you.

As with all things, the path to take is to strike a balance between what you think you need and what is needed in the moment. You will know you are on the right path when your body tells you it is feeling good.


Listed are benefits we have found through experience and testimonials. We are not making any promises or claims to prevent or treat disease and your personal results will vary. We believe in our results and present these beliefs to you here:

1. Alleviates Gum Pain and Gum Bleeding
This oil concentrate is designed to kill the cause of gum pain - infection, caused by bacteria and other microbes, and anesthetize your gums to immediately deal with the pain.

With this oil, we have found that it takes about 24-48 hrs to kill off enough of the populations to start deadening the pain. You may feel the effects much sooner. If you use too much, it may irritate your gums, so please be careful. People have safely used this in conjunction with Acetominophen (e.g. Tylenol™) to control gum pain.

2. Inhibits bacteria that cause cavities, plaque and gingivitis
Contains powerful anti-microbial essential oils scientifically proven to inhibit bacteria (e.g. Oregano Oil, Neem).


Place a small dab from the dropper on a cotton swab and apply to the affected area. Leave the cotton swab in place in your mouth until the pain stops. Then, when brushing, place a couple of drops on your toothbrush to add strength to the regular strength Oralive elixir.


Proprietary blend of wild-crafted essential oils of peppermint, spearmint, eucalyptus, kanuka tea tree oil, neem, calendula, arnica, rose otto, melissa, clove, oregano, blue lotus, frankinsense. Vitamin E, black pepper tree, Amazon copaiba oil, polynesian tree nut oils, olive oil, oxygen.
Infused Resonant Healing Frequencies:
7.83 Hz Shumann Earth resonance
728 Hz Universal Rife


Disclaimer & Guarantee of Satisfaction
Due to FDA Regulations, we must inform you that this product has no medical claims associated with it. We do not claim it to cure or prevent any disease. However, in our opinion and in our experience, it has been shown to be extremely effective in rapid and effective healing of gum disease due to bacterial infection.

We are are hard working honest folks here at Ascended Health and are not in the business of taking your hard-earned money. Our aim is to help you. We truly believe in this product and back it 100%. If you feel that this product does not meet your expectations in any way, please return any unused portion within 60 days of purchase for a full refund. All we ask is that you pay for shipping the item.

These ingredients are quite expensive, as is our revolutionary frequency imprint processing. In truth, this product is worth three times the price - at the level of the systemic antibiotics you will need to pay for if you don't use this product. We feel that gum disease is particularly debilitating and there is not much in the market to deal with the cause of gum disease.

Furthermore, if you use this product and feel that you need to tell people about it, please email us. We will happily tell your story on this web page.


Disclaimer: This product is completely natural and has not been evaluated by the FDA, so we make no claims for preventing or treating disease. While your results can and will vary, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you don't like it, send it back! We love this stuff and can't do without it. Please read below.

Super Gum Oil
15 ml.

This oil is the undiluted oil we put into our Extra Strength Oralive. A little dab on cotton swaps to affected area works wonders to help body alleviate pain, heal infections and faciliate gum growth.



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