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Extra Strength Oralive Toothpaste
Regular Strength Oralive Toothpaste
Super Gum Oil
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Energetic Consciousness
I Am Blissful Spray
Lemurian Crystal Ormus
Sufi Bliss Ascension Oil

Skin Regeneration
I Am Beautiful Skin Regeneration Oil
Triple Skin Oil
Dermalive Topical Probiotic

Skin Infection & Healing

Anti-Venom Balm  (Combo Pack)
Electrical Neopulser
Triple Skin Oil

Probiotic Superfood
Euphoraprash Lifeforce Supplement
Life Extension Elixir
Marine Phytoplankton (supercharged)
PhytoVelvet Elixir

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Active Detox Probiotic
ProAlive Probiotic

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Prana Longevity Powder


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Athletic Performance
Body Rejuvenation
Bleeding Gums

Brown Recluse Spider Bite
Chronic Fatigue
Energy Drink

Food Poisoning
Gum Health
Genital Herpes


Root Canal

Scar Tissue

Skin Care
Skin Infection
Skin Regeneration
Staph Infection

Stretch Marks



Probiotic Superfood
I am Grateful  

Euphoraprash Lifeforce Supplement
4 oz super concentrate

Euphoraprash is the basic nutritional paste found in both our PhytoVelvet and Life Extension Elixirs, and is largely derived from an ancient Ayurvedic longevity formula known as Chyawanaprash. This amazing all natural superfood elixir provides a tremendous boost of all day energy, and is completely vegan—it does not include ghee, honey or elk antler velvet. Organic cacao powder, coconut, sprouted almonds and coconut nectar sugar, give it the taste of an earthy almond joy. The life extending superfoods contained in the formula include: Marine phytoplankton, mangosteen, Amazonian herbs (e.g. cat's claw, pau d'arco, jatoba), healthy minerals and dopamine stimulating herbs (Kaunch). Also contains dissolved polyatomic oxygen for added anti-microbial and energy enhancement.

Suggested dosage: 1/2 teaspoon, 3 times a day.


Phytovelvet Elixir
4 oz super concentrate

Phytovelvet is an amazing all natural superfood elixir that provides a tremendous boost of all-day energy. Based on an ancient Ayurvedic longevity formula known as Chyawanaprash, our Phytovelvet contains raw and organic cacao, honey, coconut and sprouted almonds. It tastes similar to an almond joy, but is earthier due to the life-extending superfoods such as Marine Phytoplankton ("Phyto"), Elk Antler Velvet ("Velvet"), mangosteen, Amazonian herbs (e.g. cat's claw, pau d'arco, jatoba), longevity minerals (Shilajit) and dopamine inducing herbs (Kaunch).

Suggested dosage: 1/2 teaspoon, 3 times a day.


Life Extension Elixir
4 oz super concentrate

Ascended Health’s Life Extension Elixir is designed to enhance lifespan in a completely natural, non-chemical and non-genetically engineered way. It is a delicious superfood supplement with high amounts of oxygen, antioxidants, fermented nutrients, activated growth factors, and trace minerals. Inside, the phytoplankton is super-charged with our resonant scalar energy. It has the same formula as the PhytoVelvet, but packed with 10x the amount of Phytoplankton, Activated Mangosteen and Amazon herb superfoods.

From the first taste, you can feel the power and strength of this extraordinary elixir, packed with earthy amazon healing herbs, and notice the fortifying tinge of the oxygenated oils that pack your red blood cells with life-force. The oxygen we place in this elixir has ten forms of oxygen, from oxygen one (singlet oxygen) all the way to oxygen ten (five oxygen doublets paired together). Polyatomic oxygen therapy was popular in the early century by the Germans to treat microbial infections. Life Extension Elixir is like oxygen therapy in a jar! In our opinion, this helps to increase your energy, sex drive, and lower appetite. Also designed to support chronic fatigue, arthritis, and Parkinsons.

Suggested dosage: 1/2 teaspoon, 3 times a day.

Marine Phytoplankton

Marine Phytoplankton

Marine phytoplankton is the primordial building block of life on earth. Widely acclaimed as the world's most powerful superfood, it contains almost every single trace mineral and nutrient lacking in our body due to depleted soil.

Our Marine Phytoplankton is certified, free of heavy metals or fillers. It comes from a Dutch university aqua farm in Holland, and is grown in single strain aseptic standards. It is freeze-dried and is sold in pure powder form, not capsules.

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100g powder $300.00  
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