Ascended Health

Aseda Wild Honey

Aseda Wild Honey comes from the remote and pristine Molé National Forest of Ghana, Africa. Sustainably harvested by the Gonjas and Dagomba people that make up the Aseda Bee Keepers cooperative, Aseda's social and environmental mission. Aseda Wild Honey contains no chemicals, pesticides or GMO pollen. We are Non-GMO verified and in the process of the USDA organic certification. We like to call Aseda Wild Honey "ancient organic," do to the natural, unadulterated form found in foods before the need to label and certify. It is dark and possesses a unique flavor. Our honey is pure, nutrient-dense and raw. The taste will transport you to a time before industry, cities, and pollution. A taste and experience like that of our wild and vital ancestors. The Honey of Superfoods! Enjoy this offering in a re-usable, hexagonal glass jar.

– Certified Non-GMO
– Beyond Fair Trade
– Ethically harvested and distributed
– Provides long-lasting energy
– Nourishes a strong ecosystem
– Feeds healthy bacteria in the gut

Medicinal Applications:
Use as a digestive aid, skin treatment and wound healing. Immune system booster, anti-carcinogenic & anti-inflammatory. Use at night as a sleep aid. Use to regenerate the balance of your micro-biome. Brown/black honey in the Ayurvedic Tradition is said to deliver medicine, including the elements found in Aseda Wild Honey, to the tissue depth of bone marrow. In Chinese Medicine, Aseda Wild Honey’s brown/black color classifies it as a longevity food.

For Beauty:
Use as a cleansing mask, moisturizer, and to help with acne & eczema. Stimulates cell growth and skin tissue repair.

When you buy this jar of Aseda Wild Honey you are:
– Growing healthy bee populations.
– Protecting a wildlife preserve and ancient forest, an indigenous bee population, and bio-diversity.
– Helping Non-GMO policy and efforts.
– Voting with your dollars.
– Eating foods in their natural and most vibrant state.
– Supporting an industry and empowerment project for indigenous peoples.
– Creating global bridges.